Core Capabilities

We utilize several key established production processes in the foundry sand core industry including many different types of materials to produce our cores. Serving both small jobbing foundries and large original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers, we fill orders from only one or two pieces, up to very large quantities. Numerous foundries have found it easier and more competitive to source all their core work with Miller Core II, Inc., enabling them to focus on producing castings without the distraction of running a core room.

A leading concern in our industry is core breakage during transportation. We have addressed this issue through a rigorous packaging method and can ship parts anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with minimal breakage.

Shell Process

  • Custom resins available
  • Specialty sand mixes
  • Custom grain size
  • Additives
  • Wide variety of core coatings
  • Assembling
  • Multiple adhesives

Cold Box

  • Phenolic Ester
  • Blow or hand packed
  • Custom resin percentages available
  • Wide variety of coatings
  • Additives
  • Assembling

About Us

Welcome to Miller Core II, Inc., a family owned and operated company established in 2004, and focused primarily on serving the North American Foundry Industry. The history of our company began prior to 2004 when John Miller started making cores in the mid-1990’s as a subcontractor. That beginning introduced the family to what has become their livelihood. Now in the second generation of making high-quality sand cores, Miller Core II, Inc. is looking to continue the tradition of attention to detail and producing high-quality sand cores.

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